FASTBRACES Complimentary Consultation Press Release

Dr. Harsini at Smile Dental ClinicsSummary: Drs. Edward Harsini and Lawlay Azizi now offer complimentary consultations for leading Fastbraces® orthodontics in Phoenix, AZ at their cutting-edge dental practice, Smile Dental Clinics.
Phoenix, AZ – Smile Dental Clinics now offers complimentary Fastbraces® consultations for convenient and comprehensive orthodontic treatment. Drs. Edward Harsini and Lawlay Azizi, respected dentists, understand the importance of fast and efficient orthodontics in Phoenix, AZ, which is why their patients now have the opportunity to quickly straighten their teeth using revolutionarily designed technology.

Properly adjusted teeth after orthodontic treatment is considered to have root parallelism, or where each tooth root is properly parallel to one another. Limited by design, traditional orthodontics focuses on first moving the crowns of each tooth and then after time, the roots underneath. With Fastbraces triangular bracket technology, it is now possible to adjust the roots of teeth at the very beginning of treatment, limiting treatment time. Within 120 days, many patients are able to see real results and a straight smile that renews confidence.

Drs. Harsini and Azizi understand that the influence smiles have on patients’ lives effects more than their personal or professional relationships but their confidence and self-esteem as well. Similar to Invisalign®, many patients prefer the discreet nature of Fastbraces® Clear, a system that uses ceramic brackets to create an esthetically appealing treatment solution before the final smile is complete. Providing Fastbraces allows Drs. Harsini and Azizi to not only treat more patients at once but to also offer fast, straight and healthy smiles patients take pride in.

dentist phoenix family dentistryMore information about Drs. Harsini and Azizi or Fastbraces orthodontics in Phoenix, AZ can be found on Smile Dental Clinics website at or by calling 623-846-5555 to schedule a personalized consultation.

About the Practice
Smile Dental Clinics is a cutting-edge dental practice offering personalized dental care to patients in Phoenix, AZ since 2000. Drs. Edward Harsini and Lawlay Azizi have extensive experience in a variety of areas of general, restorative and cosmetic dentistry including dental implants, occlusion and sedation dentistry. Drs. Harsini and Azizi take pride in offering leading techniques and utilizing state-of-the-art technology while educating patients and providing a comfortable patient experience. More information on Drs. Harsini and Azizi or the services they offer can be found here or by calling 623-846-5555.


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