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dentist phoenix family dentistryPhoenix Family Dentistry – Orthodontics & Dentist Phoenix, AZ

Since 2000, Smile Dental Clinics has served over 45,000 patients in the Glendale, West Valley, and South Phoenix communities. We offer exceptional and bilingual family dentistry at an affordable price.

When it comes to finding a Phoenix dentist you can trust, Smile Dental truly delivers. We strive to make every patient feel VALUED, CARED FOR, and APPRECIATED. Our vision is to empower and transform our patients’ lives by providing beautiful smiles.

As a preferred dentist in Phoenix, our goal is to provide a range of affordable dental services for your whole family. In addition to teeth cleaning, whitening, and exams, we also offer braces, implants, crowns, bridges, fillings, and sealants. And while we do our very best to avoid them, we also perform extractions and root canals when needed.

Whether your needs are cosmetic or general, we’re happy to serve you and your family.

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General, Cosmetic, and Family Dentist dentist phoenix family dentistry

From regular cleaning to annual exams, deep cleanings to x-rays, our highly skilled family dentists and technicians are ready to put you (and your family) at ease. Going to the dentist doesn’t need to be a traumatic experience, and we’re ready to prove it. Our caring staff will make you feel comfortable and at ease about your cleaning, x-ray, exam, whitening, or other procedure.

Learn more about our general, cosmetic, and family dentist Phoenix.

Braces – OrthodonticsOrthodontist Phoenix Fast Braces

One of our signature services is braces. We offer the acclaimed Fastbraces® Technology which produces dramatically more effective results than traditional braces. Generally speaking, Fastbraces® provides straight teeth in about half the time, for half the price, as traditional metal wire braces.

Learn more about Fastbraces®.

Dental ImplantsDental Implants Phoenix AZ

There are many reasons why you or someone you love may need replacement teeth, also called dental implants. Unlike dentures or bridges, dental implants are permanent, man-made replacements for natural teeth. Not only do they keep your smile looking beautiful and healthy, dental implants are often essential to the health and strength of your jaw bone. When one or more teeth are missing, the jaw bone will begin to deteriorate. It is for this reason that it is important that missing teeth be replaced as soon as possible. Best of all, dental implants are made from medical grade titanium and do not cause any harm or damage to the surrounding teeth.

Learn more about replacing your dentures or missing teeth with dental implants.

Other Services

We know that everyone’s dental needs are as unique as their teeth. That’s why we offer a wide variety of affordable dentist services. Our other dental procedures include:

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If you’re ready to transform your smile with a positive, caring dentist, then contact Smile Dental Clinics today. Our staff is ready to schedule your annual teeth cleaning, or give you guidance and advice on your personal dental situation.

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