Do You Know This Superhero?

We repeatedly stress the importance of routine dental care and being diligent about receiving the dental treatments we recommend. Our goal is for you to have optimal health throughout your life. Although we would love for all of our patients to have perfect teeth with no issues, that is not realistic. However, when we are able to detect problems in the mouth early and perform treatment immediately to remedy the situation, it is ideal. When problems in the mouth continue to progress, the likelihood of needing more in-depth treatments is inevitable until an extraction is needed. There is one common treatment that we use as a last resort to save your natural tooth. Read on to learn more about this common treatment that often gets a bad reputation.

Let’s Celebrate Saving Your Teeth

At Smile Dental Clinics, we believe in trying everything we can to save your teeth. We don’t like to see our patients dealing with extreme discomfort or recurring dental issues. Patients never like to hear that they need dental treatment, and they dread learning that they need a root canal. We are here to tell you that, while the root canal may have a bad reputation, it should be a treatment that is celebrated. It does two important things—eliminate discomfort and save your tooth.